Advanced Silicon Technology
Advanced Silicon Technology


Established in 2015, Advanced Silicon Technologies (AST) and its Luxembourg subsidiary, Advanced Silicon Technologies S.A.R.L, own a portfolio of over 100 high quality US and foreign patents and patent applications. AST's patent portfolio is focused on computing and graphics processing technology. AST has successfully licensed its portfolio to hundreds of participants in the automotive, Smartphone, SmartTV and related industries, including many industry leaders.  During its first 18 months of operation, AST generated over $66 million in licensing revenue.  AST continues to seek additional licensing opportunities both in the US and abroad.  


Thomas Loureiro

President and CEO


Tom co-founded AST in 2015.  In his roles as CEO and President, Tom has overseen all aspects of the business, including proceedings before the US International Trade Commission, US District Courts and German Federal Patent Courts, and has managed all licensing and settlement negotiations arising out of the company’s activities.  Prior to AST, Tom spent nearly twenty years working in a variety of legal roles with several international technology companies, including Cabletron Systems, Enterasys Networks, Siemens Enterprise Communications and Bottomline Technlogies.  His legal practice focused on intellectual property licensing and portfolio management, mergers and acquisitions, and litigation management.  Tom holds a JD from the University of Maine School of Law, a MES from Yale University and a BA from Connecticut College.

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